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+52 (998)  889-9609 nanny@cancunnannyservice.com

+52 (199) 8147-7967 cancunnannyservice@gmail.com

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Terms and Conditions

  1. Cancun Nanny Service agrees to make its best effort to locate temporary nannies for client's childcare needs on an as requested basis.
  2. The rates mentioned cover a maximum of 2 children per nanny.
  3. The client understands that the services provided by all nannies associated with Cancun Nanny Service must be contracted through the Cancun Nanny Service office. The client agrees that he/she will not hire or refer a Cancun Nanny Service nanny to a third party without the consent of the Cancun Nanny Service office. The client further understands that use of a Cancun Nanny Service nanny without arranging the service through the agency will result in a $900 US charge for liquidated damages.
  4. The client agrees to forever indemnify, release and hold harmless Cancun Nanny Service, its agents, employees and officers for any and all claims relating to services provided by nannies.
  5. The client understands that a nanny may not take children off the hotel premises without agency or parental permission.
  6. The custody of a minor(s) even under normal circumstances, implies some risk. Therefore, in the event of an accident or an emergency, the parent/guardian authorizes Cancun Nanny Service to take appropriate actions.
  7. In the case of a nursing baby, the parent/guardian will provide the designated nanny with enough milk/formula and with a written feeding schedule.
  8. The parent/guardian will give the nanny complete information as to where he/she can be located and agrees to report any itinerary change directly to the Calincun Nanny Service office.
  9. The parent/guardian declares that the minor(s) does not suffer from an illness and is not under medical treatment of any kind that would require specialized supervision.
  10. In the event the minor(s) damages the furniture, equipment or property of the hotel or resort, the parent/guardian assumes financial responsibility for damages.
  11. Upon arrival in Cancun, the client will be asked to complete a form pertaining to medications, which, if applicable, will require a medication release waiver. The client will also have the option of filling out forms authorizing the nanny to leave the hotel room with a child, a swimming waiver to allow a child to go to the beach or to the pool and a transportation waiver authorizing them to leave the property with the nanny.